About the Show

Hello Again is suggested by the 1897 play Reigen (later called La Ronde) by Viennese playwright Arthur Schnitzler (1862-1931). Schnitzler was branded a pornographer after the premiere of Reigen, in which ten pairs of lovers are depicted before and following the sexual act. Adolf Hitler later called Schnitzler’s works “Jewish filth” and ordered his works banned and burned.


Arthur Schnitzler

Other adaptations of Reigen, or La Ronde, include many Hollywood interpretations by such directors as Max Ophüls, Roger Vadim and Otto Schenk. Nicole Kidman made a splash on Broadway bearing almost all in David Hare’s adaptation, The Blue Room.


In 1993, Michael John LaChiusa’s musical treatment premiered at Lincoln Center. Hello Again was directed by Graciele Daniele and starred Donna Murphy, John Cameron Mitchell, Carolee Carmello, Malcom Gets, Michele Pawk and Judy Blazer. LaChiusa set each of ten scenes in a different decade of the twentieth century, non-sequentially. Each scene’s music reflects its assigned decade, with certain melodies popping up throughout. Furthermore, LaChiusa switched the gender of Schnitzler’s character “Little Miss” to “The Young Thing,” injecting a homosexual element into his century of sexual congress. The New York Times praised its beauty and intelligence as “the best new musical of the season.” The show received its first New York City revival in 2011, by The Transport Group. Hello Again has also been given prominent productions in London, Munich, Sweden and Australia.

Spinning Tree Theatre not only offers Kansas City audiences their first opportunity to see this important and stunning contemporary musical. Additionally, Spinning Tree’s production of Hello Again marks the first time any work by Michael John LaChiusa, one of our country’s most vital living theatre writers, has been seen in Kansas City.