Character Breakdown: Casa Valentina

By Harvey Fierstein


Rita (Female, 40-50)

A resigned, but determined earth-mother. Her love of the girls barely covers her inner sadness.


George/Valentina (Male, 40-49)

Married to Rita, with whom he runs Casa Valentina; an insurance salesman-type as a man. Assured, strong and poised as a woman.


The Judge/Amy: (Male, 60-69)

This role is cast.


Charlotte/Isadore: (Male, 40-49)

The ultimate WASP. A buttoned-down strict disciplinarian; a school marm. Not your favorite aunt. Opinionated and manipulative.


Jonathan/Miranda: (Male, 20-29)

Masculine, shy, and bookish. Overly polite and cautious as a male. As a female, she is ebullient.


Albert/Bessie: (Male, 40-49)

Chubby. Willie Loman by day, Ethel Mertz at night. A fixture at Casa Valentina; quick-witted, friendly and fond of quoting Oscar Wilde.


Michael/Gloria: (Male, 20-29)

A regular at Casa Valentina, very handsome and sexually charged chap who is accustomed to compliments whether dressed as a male or female.


Theodore/Terry: (Male, 60-70)

Sweet and gentle and slightly silly, like a favorite old auntie.


Eleanor: (Female, 40-50)

The Judge’s daughter; brittle, hurt and cold.