Hello Again Press

The Kansas City Star:

Hello Again is a class act – sexy, serious and provocative.

The Spinning Tree production, directed by Michael Grayman and Andy Parkhurst, brings together some of the best singers in the local acting community backed up by an impeccable ensemble led by pianist Kevin Bogan.

LaChiusa’s music is arresting. He has the uncanny ability to write unconventional melodies within layered arrangements that burrow into the listener’s consciousness as effectively as any hook-laden pop tune.

Shelby Floyd as The Nurse…has real star quality.

Stefanie Wienecke delivers an indelible performance as The Young Wife. There’s a haunting quality to Wienecke’s work. She creates memories that stick with you.

(Julie) Shaw brings dramatic weight to a role that defies our stereotypical notions of what a hooker is and isn’t.

Jacob Aaron Cullum as The Soldier, Tyler Eisenreich as The Young Thing and Seth Jones as The Writer bring lithe charisma and tangible skill to the stage.



Hello Again is an absolute must-see for Kansas City audiences. You’d be hard-pressed to find a finer cast with better direction presenting a show that invites you to watch and consider such a provocative theater topic.

…Seth Jones and Shelby Floyd share a dazzlingly impressive quality that is not often found in young musicians – they both have powerful, engaging, beautiful voices that could easily blow away any production, but they embrace the idea that less is more, and make mature musical choices that are far more interesting than haphazard showboating would be.

Julie Shaw brings slow-burning drama and surprising depth to The Whore, and her smoky voice is perfectly suited to give life to a lady of the night.

The Husband (is) played with brilliant vulnerability and tentative longing by Jerry Jay Cranford.

Steven Eubank’s turn as the awkward, quivering College Boy results in one of the most comical scenes of the show.

Tyler Eisenreich brings emotional depth and maturity to the character of The Young Thing, and his scenes were two of the most raw and touching of the show.

Jacob Aaron Cullum as The Soldier lends his stellar voice…

Charles Fugate and Lena Andrews deliver solid performances as The Senator and The Actress…

Stefanie Wienecke as The Young Wife is excellent…she delivers an exquisite performance…