Motherhood Press

The Kansas City Star:

The Spinning Tree Theatre production, directed by Andy Parkhurst, showcases strong performances by a gifted cast. These actors — Natalie Liccardello, Kelly Main, Julie Shaw and Rick Truman — are clearly committed to the material and deliver heartfelt performances that are often funny but just as frequently moving.

Main is most affecting as a mother whose son has joined the Army; she imagines in detail two soldiers and a chaplain coming to her door to deliver the news she dreads as a way of preparing for the reality should it ever come.

Shaw demonstrates the most versatility as she embodies characters who are young, middle-aged and old. Her standout performances include a sequence in which a woman has to accept the reality indicated by her pre-adolescent son’s preference for little girls’ dresses, and another late in the show in which a world-weary old woman looks back on her children in a decidedly unsentimental way.

Liccardello, as usual, is poised and luminous and her sense of comic timing is uncanny. She is at her best in a moving monologue in which a young woman describes the heartache she feels when she cannot find common ground with her boyfriend’s daughter.