Performance Photos

10:30 Cast Handful of KeysThe cast performing “Handful of Keys”

10:30 Matt ViperMatthew King performing “The Viper’s Drag”

10:30 Jennie Squeeze MeJennie Greenberry performing “Squeeze Me”

10:30 Ron FeetsRon Lackey performing “Your Feet’s Too Big”

1030 Linnaia Yacht ClubLinnaia McKenzie performing “Yacht Club Swing”

10:30 Eboni CashEboni Fondren performing “Cash for your Trash”

10:30 BandThe Misbehavin’ Band:  Angie Benson on piano, Julian Goff on percussion, Brian Wilson on bass

10:30 Black and BlueThe cast performing “Black and Blue”

Photography by Manon Halliburton