Shipwrecked! Press

The Kansas City Star:

Spinning Tree Theatre’s lively production of “Shipwrecked!” has much to admire, and director Michael Grayman makes the most of (playwright Donald) Margulies’ concept.

(Jennie) Greenberry plays a range of roles – including a one-eyed ship captain and de Rougemont’s aboriginal wife – and invests each part, no matter how brief, with a luminous presence. (Bob) Linebarger’s major role in the first half of the show is Bruno, de Rougemont’s loyal dog. Linebarger gives himself to the role with remarkable focus…

The show’s witty and poetic script would be reason enough to see it, but the fine acting and seamless execution seal the deal.

(Jennie) Greenberry and (Bob) Linebarger made an excellent team, serving not only as actors of every other character in the play but also as stage hands as they manipulated various complicated prop and costume changes.

The benefit of such an intimate venue is in being so close to the actor’s expressions, which made the play’s ending that much more moving, when de Rougemont is built up as a hero and then swiftly knocked down and called crazy; (Charles) Fugate’s sensitive portrayal helped us see the subtle personality in between those states—a man vulnerable to a world that calls him a liar, a man desperate that he’ll not be remembered as a fool.


The Pitch Kansas City:

Spinning Tree Theatre’s animated production, directed by Michael Grayman, pulls us in from its opening announcements about “lozenges,” just as the “real” de Rougemont surely seduced readers and audiences. Charles Fugate takes full possession of de Rougemont’s spirit, first as a boy and then as the man, as he and his skilled co-stars Jennie Greenberry and Bob Linebarger (both in multiple roles) enact the fanciful tales — and their aftermath — and command our attention.

We effortlessly absorb Margulies’ dulcet dialogue (and the actors’ delivery of it).