Turn of the Screw Press

The Kansas City Star – Robert Trussell (excerpts):

Spinning Tree Theatre’s “The Turn of the Screw” is frightfully good

Two talented performers and a skilled director deliver a classy production of “The Turn of the Screw,” Jeffrey Hatcher’s two-actor adaptation of the classic ghost story by Henry James.

…this elegantly designed production from Spinning Tree Theatre produces more than its share of vivid moments and a pervasive macabre atmosphere.

(Charles) Fugate, who plays the uncle, bookends the piece as the omniscient narrator, but faces the daunting challenge of playing multiple additional roles — including a female cook and the 10-year-old Miles. Fugate…handles the assignments with impeccable professionalism.

Green gives us a performance that becomes increasingly complex as the show unfolds. We watch her metamorphose from a good-hearted optimist to someone shocked into action by ghostly apparitions.

Hatcher’s script retains much of James’s prose, which creates vivid pictures of the Gothic mansion and the surrounding estate where most of the action takes place.

The design team does splendid work, from Charles Moore’s spare but evocative staircase leading down to a general playing area on the stage floor, to Georgianna Londre Buchanan’s sharp costumes. Perhaps the most important contribution comes from Shane Rowse, whose lighting design cloaks the stage in modulated gloom — just dark enough to create a credible sense of the macabre.


BroadwayWorld.com – Steve Wilson (excerpts)

 Perfect for Halloween – “The Turn of the Screw”

Nicole Marie Green is phenomenal in the role of The Woman. She presents a dramatic side that I had not had the privilege to see before.
Her performance is so pure that audience members not only believe she is the governess, but as she goes into a rage at the apparition in the window, you actually believe you see a silhouette…her portrayal takes her to a new height in performance excellence.
One of Kansas City’s favorite performers, Charles Fugate, plays The Man, taking on the additional roles of Mrs. Grose, the housekeeper, Miles the young nephew and everyone else in the production. He gives a strong performance in each role as he smoothly slides from one character to the next. His depiction of Miles is powerful and sits on the verge of creepy.

Spinning Tree Theatre has again taken their productions to a new height, one that may be difficult for other companies to duplicate. Andrew Parkhurst, Managing Director, and Michael Grayman, Artistic Director, always bring entertainment of the highest quality to Kansas City stages. From lighting, scenic design, costuming and superb performances, everything in their productions help to bring the magnetism of the stage to Kansas City audiences.